1Sculpt is a unique boutique exercise studio, bringing LA & London-style barre, Pilates and TRX to Reigate, taught by experienced dancers from the West End stage.

The concept is the baby of sisters Nathalie Lohraby and Jeannine Dismier who spent 12 years entertaining London audiences, but grew up in Surrey and always knew they wanted to return. “We taught in London after we’d finished on the stage, but we didn’t want to stay there. But we didn’t want to end up in the back of beyond either” says Nathalie. “We loved the teaching and passing on the techniques we developed from dance, Pilates and weights, and we knew about Reigate because we grew up in Surrey. It’s both friendly and got a great buzz; a good mix.”

The sisters struck gold when they found the basement of Reigate’s Sweaty Betty, and it was love at first sight for both businesses: they now run workshops together and are about to open a new joint venture studio and shop in Guildford.

“But after that, we’re not opening another for a while,” Nathalie says “because it’s really important for us to know our clients: what they need; what their limits are; how to push them to grow and learn about what their body can do. We use the absolute best of our knowledge to get them to their goals, whatever they are.” The girls clearly know their stuff having managed long periods of peak fitness and doing two performances every day on long-running shows, but without an injury.

1Sculpt classes are taught in small groups, but one-to-one or couples sessions are also available. “A lot of couples come in for personal training who are often so busy that they hardly get to see each other, so this is both exercise and fun. And our classes are very social: we’ve had people who’ve just moved here and within weeks they’ve made a gang of friends. It’s a small studio and that really makes it personable, friendly and safe.”

“We run various classes,” Nathalie says, “including pre and post natal: because it can be very scary for a woman who is pregnant or has just given birth to know what is not just safe to do, but will also give them enough of a workout.”

Sessions last 45 minutes and the sisters have developed layering techniques so each person can add weights, a cardio twist, or modify their moves for injury rehab.

In short, no excuses!

5 Bell St
Reigate RH2 7AD
07951 964018

Instagram: @1sculpt
Facebook: @1Sculpt

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