If having your home decorated and designed by Hannah and Steph is as much fun as interviewing them, then you’re in for a real treat. Their passion for interior design and a general love of life positively brim from the pair, and it’s easy to see what draws people in.

Hannah and Steph met in 2018 after their daughters became friends at primary school, and they found an instant bond over their love for interior design. And amongst all the laughter and hilarity of our chat, what becomes clear is how seriously they take the job of leaving you with a home that you love and reflects your life. Their approach is an open one, with no desire to force a particular taste or style upon you.

With a career in brand management for Hannah and PE and dance for Steph, their creative chops were always present, and design was a regular part of their lives. Steph was raised in a family where every new house was a renovation project. “My dad is in the trade, and I grew up learning from him and his colleagues. It’s kind of in my blood”.

For Hannah, the creative streak is simply something she’s always had. “If you’re a creative type of person, then it’s just there inside you.”

So how did all that energy, flair and passion for interior design turn into 9Stories? “We would do our own renovation projects, and family and friends would often say they were never brave enough to try the colours we used or experiment with different styles. When you start hearing those comments, again and again, you gain confidence and start believing in yourself.”

Yet, it wasn’t until a phone call where Hannah popped the question to Steph that 9Stories became a reality. Their natural enthusiasm and curiosity have seen them turn tired homes into vibrant family spaces, from total redesigns to an injection of zest with an out-there wallpaper.

Both understand that interior design is unique to everyone and how tastes and styles differ from one person to the next. But for Hannah and Steph, the ultimate goal is to ensure that clients are proud of their space and want to spend time in it.

Steph says: “You have to listen and take on board what the client wants – not what you want. And yet, we need to be prepared as some people have no idea what they want and don’t know how to use patterns and colours. So we need to be adaptable”.

That same mindset applies to their own homes too. “Home has to be functional,” says Hannah. “You can design a space to look a certain way, but if you have children like us, you need to adapt.”

“Children have loads of plastic and need storage, and there are lots of ways you can create beautiful and functional spaces where the room can transform from somewhere to play in the day to a place to rest in the evening.”

So whether your home has Thomas the Tank Engine on repeat or plays BBC News 24 (or maybe a bit of both), Hannah and Steph are on hand to give you a space that works for you, your family and as much lego as you can store.
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