Paul Prothero is the Park Manager of British Military Fitness (BMF) for Reigate and Cheam, running 21 classes a week.

Paul joined BMF in July 2009 and by his own admission has “always been fit” and used to compete from the age of 7. But it’s not necessary to be in any sort of shape to join a class.

“Don’t be intimidated”, says the former Royal Marine who can run a mile in 4’14”. “Everyone starts somewhere and there are people from every entry level. We also have walking based classes. “

If you’re serious about getting fit or taking your fitness further, Paul is a fan of the outdoors over the indoors when it comes to giving your body a workout that avoids lapsing into a routine. BMF delivers the enjoyment being in the open air combined with the rigour of a gym class; and it doesn’t get more rigorous than the military! You need to be prepared to get dirty, but you won’t stand still for long with Paul shouting you into shape.

British Military Fitness Reigate

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