Bubbles Car Spa is no ordinary car wash.

It doubles as a funky American diner, where you can sit back and gleefully sip on a coke, listen to the juke box and watch your car be skilfully rubbed, splashed and shampooed into a shiny seventh heaven. Rest assured you aren’t harming the environment either as Warwick, the owner, explains. “I researched car washes from all over the world. We use a complex ECO filtering system to recycle the water and cars are washed 100% by hand on a belt system by the team.”

It’s also a get-together place for the locals in-the-know. Tuesday mornings have OAP concessions and Wednesdays see Redhill mums enjoy their discount, all the while enjoying coffee, chat or favourite magazines.

If only cars could read. They’d simply turn up, check in and enjoy a pamper.

Bubbles Car Spa
3 Reading Arch Road, Redhill
01737 773 232

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