Caedi Capal loves making people happy with cakes and now she’s making more people happy than ever with her Redhill based start-up business ‘Capal’s Cupcakes’ – and that is a the kind of feedback-loop we like here at R&R TODAY. Her love of baking, the first part of the equation ‘baking = cake = happiness (for me and others)’ started as a kid, but with the help of courses and study in everything from specialist icing to piping finishes and flavour combinations it has grown into a sweet little business.

Capal’s Cupcakes will make anything from a football shaped cake (the dome was quite tricky Caedi admits, since at that time she didn’t have a specialist baking mould but had to invent one out of two Pyrex mixing bowls and hope that they didn’t explode in the oven), to boats (that’s a lot of cake cuttings for the chef to nibble) to wedding cakes with smooth Royal icing like a fresh field of snow, she also makes ‘cup cake wedding towers’ so that each guest has an individual serving.

What Caedi likes most is experimenting, her new favourite flavour uses hot cross bun spicing in a cupcake with a soft fluffy icing finish. She also makes a light ginger cupcake – so that you can have all the ‘zing’ without the heaviness. In the future Caedi hopes to have her own tea shop in Redhill or Reigate featuring her baking with vintage style, in the meantime for your special occasion order direct.

Capal’s Cupcakes
07868 110765

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