Despite being a longstanding aficionado of good food and fine coffee, it wasn’t until August 2017 that Paul put his culinary passion to work and changed his way life. Giving up jobs in the City, he and his wife bought Deli on the Hill on the corner of Linkfield Street and Elm Road between Redhill and Reigate, a firm local’s favourite that offers plenty of food on the go – sandwiches, pastries, lunches and premium coffees – alongside yummy artisan treats of preserves, charcuterie and chocolate.

If there’s one thing that Redhill & Reigate residents love, it’s their thriving scene of independent businesses. Even before Paul and his wife bought it, Deli on the Hill had built a following over the previous 3 or 4 years and is now another true local success story. Paul puts that down to a lot of hard work, a lovely cornershop position and, of course, the support of the local community.

The location on the daily walk for commuters from Reigate to Redhill’s mainline station drives morning coffee’n’croissant sales, while all the beautiful parks nearby attract plenty of lunchtime and picnic trade, especially when the weather’s nice.

Paul has lived locally since 2002 having moved from Canary Wharf, a place he recalls as “lacking neighbourly spirit, having too many gates and too much crime”. Reigate has proved the complete opposite, with its friendliness and community a welcome and nurturing breath of fresh air.

And with so much tasty fare and great service on offer, customers leave deli-ghted!

Deli on the Hill
53 Linkfield St
01737 826567

Instagram: @localdeli

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