Chim Wongprasert unveiled her first Thai eatery when pregnant with daughter, Jade Richmond. Twenty-five years and two restaurants later, Jade and Chim are business partners in the newly-born Eighty Ate Burger.

The mix of classic fare and unconventional Thai fusion is enough to keep any finicky family members cheery with timeless beef and chicken burgers sitting alongside plentY of veggie options like grilled halloumi and pineapple in sweet chilli sauce. Although not a vegetarian, Chim undertakes meat fasts for religions reasons and, according to Jade: “Her ideas can go wild!”

For an innocent bit-on-the-side, try battered plantain fries with coconut flakes, bird nest caramelised sweet potato fries, or beetroot or apple coleslaw. And for hardcore fans of the American diner experience, wash it all down with a peanut Oreo shake.

To make sure only the best of Chim’s creations make it to the menu, they must first pass the family taste test. “Mum being Thai, she fuses the ideas and combines the sauces, then me and my sister do the tasting and give the verdict.”

The ‘Go Naked’ part of the menu is especially squeaky clean. “Mum uses rice flour, corn flour and gram flour in her cooking. Wheat doesn’t quite agree with her but some dishes do contain wheat, so we have the option of either a gluten-free bun or to go naked without the bun.”

With so much healthy stuff going into the food, it looks like burgers – in Reigate, at least – are no longer guilty, and purely a pleasure.

Eighty Ate Burger
88 High St
Reigate RH2 9AP
01737 233888

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