Getting your hair cut is a big deal. Finding the right combination of a stylist that understands you, an atmosphere you’re comfortable in and a price that doesn’t break the bank can be a daunting task; one that takes many of us years.

Emotive Hair opened in Reigate 4 years ago and is the brainchild of Ray Bolton, who’s been sheering people’s locks for longer than he cares to remember, including 14 years at another local salon before opening his own. Starting out as a trainee at Vidal Sassoon in London, Ray’s enjoyment of the trade has always come from making people feel good about themselves – surely the whole point of going to get your hair done!

Since opening, Emotive Hair has gained quite a following and, unusually for a hair salon, accumulated customers across the age and gender spectrum, from teenagers to pensioners, both men and women. That’s no doubt down to Ray’s philosophy of treating his customers like family: “It’s a small shop and very friendly, intimate and professional. I wanted to create something no-one else had; something different to what was on offer.”

Polishing their skills at fashion shows and on courses with industry leaders like Wella, Ray’s stylists are nonetheless trained to ensure the customer comes away feeling thoroughly at home in their hair. “While everyone comes out with a modern look, it’s something that suits them as well as today’s environment.”

You can’t say hairer than that!

Emotive Hair
01737 247 946

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