Gerrards Fashion on the High Street in Reigate has seen big changes since the turn of the century: when one of the current joint owners, Paul, bought the company in 2003, it was a traditional men’s outfitters offering suits and formal wear for the discerning gentleman.

Fast forward to 2013 and Paul was joined in the business by Nancy, a teenage single mum looking for work to fit around her childcare. Nancy’s introduction was a breath of fresh air, bringing more than a dash of youthful exuberance and a lively passion for retail. Unsure of what do with her career until then, Nancy was soon leading the introduction of womens fashion, allowing Gerrards to keep pace with changing trends and expand its market.

Today, the company has switched entirely to womenswear and is thriving under Paul and Nancy’s joint stewardship, stocking a truly diverse range including handpicked labels from small local designers to larger, more established brands; a formula that’s become a favourite with Reigate’s residents and visitors. The pair say that hard work is the primary reason for their success, but also that the area is “full of amazing, friendly people with a real community spirit”.

Born and bred in nearby Redhill, Paul and Nancy love the generous, giving and supportive nature of Reigate, as well as the buzz and businesses of the town. In fact, you could say that Gerrards and Reigate are the perfect fit.

Gerrards Fashion
5 High Street
Reigate RH2 9AA

01737 24 33 30

Facebook: gerrardsfashion
Instagram: gerrardsfashion

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