If you want to learn another language but are turned off by schools and structures, you need to talk to Lynne Burnham.

Lynne runs the Reigate group of Lively Languages, a French and Spanish language school with a difference. Aiming to transform the way people learn, the school takes things out of the classroom… and into the pub.

Every Monday night Lynne hosts a session (the school is keen to avoid the ‘lesson’ word) at The Venture Inn on Lesbourne Road, where people can learn in an easy-going style, reading from a pre-scripted conversation. The mood is sociable and relaxed, with a maximum of 16 people each time and the freedom to attend whenever suits: simply give notice by phone or online that you’re going that week.

Having spotted Lively Languages online, Lynne approached the school with the idea of bringing the concept to Reigate & Redhill. It was a timely call, as the owner had been considering franchising the idea. Today Lynne is, as she puts it: “their first guinea pig”

Already an experienced home tutor, Lynne has helped over 30 pupils – from 4 to 18 years old – to finesse their French and add a shine to their Spanish. Before that she spent 20 years living and travelling around Europe and South America, in the process working with universities and publishing companies in French, Spanish and Italian.

So you can rest assured you’re in very experienced hands.

Lively Languages
07753 803 915

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