As a lead stylist for Liberty London, it’s fair to say that Molly has an eye for aesthetics. And after finding herself furloughed last March, she continued down the style route by starting MH Living, a homeware and interior brand with a dash of Danish design and a pinch of Parisian panache.

Today, she sells everything from Seagrass baskets to Verdon coffee tables, giving homes in Reigate and beyond a stylish upgrade. But not only can you buy new pieces on MH Living’s website, but you can also ask Molly to arrange the layout of your home, whether a small touch here and there or a full interior makeover.

After graduating from the University of the Arts in London with a degree in Visual Merchandising & Branding, Molly’s eye for detail landed roles with companies like Jigsaw, where she designed windows and store concepts, and then at Agent Provocateur curating global displays. Her talents were eventually scooped up by Liberty in May 2018.

Missing the creative spark during furlough, Molly put her spare time to good use. Researching online shopping and making a logo and website, MH Living was launched in October 2020 and has grown from strength to strength through word of mouth and Instagram. Now, Molly helps property developers with their showhome designs as well as sourcing new suppliers and products to offer the latest interior looks.

Speaking about what drives her, Molly is quick to highlight the joys she gets from helping people. “I’ve had a lot of clients who buy really nice stuff for their home but don’t quite know how to style an inviting room layout. So I help them create a relaxing and comfortable space that’s pleasing to the eye.”

Describing her tastes, Molly says she loves the Nordic style found in Danish furniture and accessories, blended with a hint of Paris. You can hardly be a style connoisseur without an appreciation of le chic de Francais!

She’s also an avid fan of home design, often reading the latest edition of House magazine and doing her own domestic DIY: her current project is her second property renovation in Reigate.

Molly was born in Reigate and has plenty of friends, family and new fans here. She recently moved back at the beginning of the pandemic and is happy to be home.

Her eyes light up when she speaks about the area: “I felt like I needed to return, and I’m really happy that I’ve found my place back here in Reigate. I love the neighbourhood and its familiarity, seeing people out in the town and having a chit-chat with them. There’s a big village vibe here”.

So what does the future hold for Molly and MH Living? She still technically works at Liberty, but she’s hopeful of going full-time with MH Living one day. And who knows? If you live in Reigate or the surrounding areas, Molly could be heading to your home soon to give it her magic touch of style.

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