Having an enjoyable birth might sound like an impossible dream, but Miriam Greaves had exactly that experience and it completely changed the course of her life.

Terrified while pregnant with her first child, Miriam began the usual process of frantic Googling when she came across a YouTube video on Hypnobirthing with “a woman giving birth who seemed to be enjoying it, with her husband by her side”.

After a bit more reading “something clicked” and Miriam signed up for a Hypnobirthing course. “I’d never been into meditation, or yoga, or anything alternative, but I found myself bursting into tears after every lesson. I realised I never let myself switch off or relax.”

The classes were transformational, culminating in a “drug-free and painless birth”. So amazing was the experience that within a couple of months Miriam was looking into becoming a Hypnobirthing Teacher and now runs classes for mums-to-be either in their homes or at her own in Redhill. Miriam is also The Positive Birth Movement’s Regional Coordinator for the South East of England.

As a former theatre producer, it’s a natural progression for someone whose work relied heavily on building people’s confidence. “When it comes to birth, women have rock-bottom confidence; they just want an epidural or c-section. But it can be the most empowering moment of your life.”

Miriam Greaves
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