Kirstie Boon runs Palace Parties and throws princess birthday parties for children. She was already teaching drama to youngsters but, when Frozen came out, Kirstie saw an opportunity and jumped on it. “I started doing some Frozen parties and then someone wanted Elsa’s sister and it grew from there”.

Parties can be anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours and are all about interaction and teamwork (“It’s not pass the parcel”). A standard hour of magical merrymaking sees Kirstie and her crew turn up in costume and character, meet the birthday girl and friends, have a story that involves the children, play some games and then end with a song and dance number from a favourite film (worked out in advance with conspiring parents). There’s also birthday cake and picture taking.

But it’s the longer parties that Kirstie really loves: “We can do extra games and singing, bring along a throne and even give everyone a certificate saying they’re an honorary prince or princess.”

Sounds like a very special day!
Twitter and Instagram: @palaceparties1

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