We spoke to Valerie Marrone just one month after she started Papelito Papercraft, a small side-line business where she creates framed home décor pieces using the lesser known art of quilling, from her home in Redhill.

The concept involves using thin strips of paper, which are rolled or shaped and then glued together to create decorative designs. Valerie’s creations are around 12cm square and come in 23cm square frames, taking roughly 4 to 6 hours to complete, generally over 2 to 3 evenings. They can be made to suit any occasion – housewarmings, birthdays, confirmations, weddings – or simply as a home decoration piece or gift.

The idea came while Valerie was searching for ideas for a small business. “I’m always dabbling and have tried everything from crochet to origami purely for my own pleasure. I’d not heard of quilling before, but I came across it in a papercraft book and really liked it.” A bit of online research later and Papelito Papercraft was born.

Valerie studied art and design at college and qualified – and then worked – as an interior architect. Today, with a family, that career is behind her in favour of more time at home in Redhill and a “not too time consuming” business.

The intention is to sell the works at craft fairs, which means right now all efforts are on building a collection large enough to show. Papercraft parties – much like jewellery or Tupperware ones – could also be on the cards, where Valerie’s works would be on display among the jollity.

However it goes, we wish Valerie the very best of luck in her new venture.

Papelito Papercraft

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