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Looking for an intense, fun and personal way to work out? Then grab your training gear and get ready to sweat and smile at a new boutique studio on Reigate’s Bell Street.

Owned by brothers Jonah and Louie Bennett-Walsh, Penny & Blend offers spin sessions, group strength classes and personal training. The idea is to bring a slice of London’s fitness scene to Reigate, with an independent take on big city hitters like Soul Cycle and Rebel One.

We caught up with Jonah to hear all about it.

“Between me and my brother Louie, we’ve clocked up around ten years as personal trainers. I started in a commercial gym in Redhill about three or four years ago, and before that, I worked in another commercial gym in Croydon. I’ve always done a lot of one-to-one work.”

Jonah also runs a boot camp in Redhill Memorial Park and had always told himself that he didn’t want to own a gym. As ever, life had different ideas.

“It turned out to be a very natural progression to open my own space and the only way to progress and to scale what I did. Seeing as Louie is quite good with design and online stuff, and that we both wanted to do something really cool with fitness in Reigate, we joined forces, and Penny & Blend was born.”

Going to the gym and helping people with their fitness goals is one of Jonah’s big loves. “I know it’s not for everyone, but we all need to move. It’s great helping so many people, especially now with our own space. We want to create a Personal Training environment, but the group classes make it that little bit more affordable, meaning more people can keep on track and stay accountable.”

As well as his lengthy background in athletics and weights, Jonah has a love of martial arts. He was a competitive Judo player for a couple of years but is “riddled with injuries” from the fighting, so he’s switched to jujitsu which is considerably softer on his body.

Alongside fitness, Jonah’s other big passion is travel. He sought to combine the two with a year of jujitsu training in Brazil, but cut his trip short to three months after catching a parasite in Colombia and losing 18kg. Still, his active wanderlust has taken him to Australia for a year, Japan, and on a few trots around Europe.

Even with his desire to see the world, Jonah is always glad to be back at home. “I love the community feel of Reigate. Some shops might change if I’m away for a while, but the people and vibe stay the same.”

Penny & Blend
29 Bell Street
Reigate RH2 7AW
07495 392 378
Instagram @pennyandblend
Facebook @PennyandBlend

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