Did you know there are artist studios right in the middle of Reigate? A minor clue to their existence is the black and white painting of the town centre on the side wall of Boots: it was painted by Adam Green who, along with being the man behind the mural, is also the man in charge of Reigate Art Studios.

The studios are home to 10 artists – some local, some not – and are something of a locals’ secret. Although Reigate is hardly the Shoreditch of the South, the studios do provide a much-needed service for painters, designers, jewellery makers and other artisan types. With Surrey not exactly awash with space for creatives, it’s no wonder that Reigate Art Studios has a waiting list to get in.

Adam has had a studio here since 2003 and is now the “longest serving artist”. He took over the management of the studios in around 2010 and is currently looking at ways to further engage with the local community, including the introduction of classes.

Reigate Art Studios holds public events twice a year – one in the summer, one in the autumn and sometimes an extra one at Christmas – where works are on sale from the artists in residence. As well as a healthy local appetite for their creations, people also come down from London to add to their collections.

While Reigate’s pretty, medieval and quintessentially English town centre might not suggest a thriving creative scene, Adam thinks there might be plenty going on behind closed doors. “Lots of people around here have large houses and spare rooms where they can practice”, which could mean the next Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin or, indeed, Disclosure, is already among our midst.

Reigate Art Studios,
42 Castle Walk
Reigate RH2 9PX

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