With time on her hands in 2021, passionate flower grower Charlotte Filcek set about realising her dream of cultivating more new local varieties for her community.

The story begins with the birth of her eldest daughter in 2012 when Charlotte left the NHS to embrace a self-employed and volunteering lifestyle. Before long she began actively supporting new local families as a postnatal doula, and she’d take home-grown flowers as a gift on her visits.

Fast forward to 2021 and “needing an escape from the relentlessness of home-schooling”, she started to think about growing and selling seasonal flower crops from home: within a few weeks, Tangled Flowers was born.

In the process of building her budding enterprise, she discovered a burgeoning movement of British flower growers called Flowers From The Farm. “We share a very similar ethos, so joining was the perfect match.”

Today, Charlotte grows seasonal, sustainable local flowers in her garden in Earlswood, then sells them in arrangements for private homes, celebratory events and gifts.

In its first year, Tangled Flowers donated all the profits to Infinity Space, a local community initiative run by volunteer parents. This year, that giving nature has expanded to spread the profits among three different parenting organisations, both at home and abroad.

Charlotte’s mission is “to bring people the pleasure of beautiful, scented flowers”, undamaged by refrigerated transportation and its environmental impact. A great source of joy is the happiness people get from her business, and seeing their knowledge blossom. “They’re often surprised at how well locally-grown flowers last, and how they develop in the vase.”

A born local, Charlotte grew up sharing her time between parents in Brockham and Reigate. She went to school in Dorking, and met her now husband in the sixth form. “We both went to university in the North, but were drawn back south after graduating by family connections in London and the lovely Surrey countryside”.

Although she’d like more land for cultivating Tangled Flowers, Charlotte adores Earlswood as “a brilliant place to raise my girls.” In fact, the whole family is in love with the winning combination of countryside and town, with the close-knit yet welcoming community.

In an increasingly commercialised world, Tangled Flowers is proof that principles, enterprise and following your dreams can all go hand in hand.

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