Jonny and Tom run the Pizza Project – a travelling pizzeria that serves authentic Neopolitan style pizza using a wood burning stove and ingredients sourced from Italian suppliers. They travel around the R&R area providing lunch throughout the week and on weekends cater for private events of up to 250 where they provide both the show-stopping pizza (nothing says ‘event’ like a large wood burning pizza oven set up at your venue) and high quality Italian Anti Pasti and salads including a whole leg of prosciutto (Parma ham) that is hand carved on site.

Although they have a standard menu featuring classics – ‘You can’t really get better in some ways than a Margarita,’ Jonny says. ‘Because in the simplicity you can taste everything that makes our pizzas exceptional – the slight smoke of the wood, the good quality plum tomatoes, the olive oil, and the specialist flour we import for the dough itself’ – they also do two weekly featuring seasonal flavours such as thinly sliced beetroot, ricotta, horseradish and rocket’ or two types of chorizo and sweet red peppers for the more adventurous palate. These always sell out.

They were taught by a winner of the prestigious World Pizza Championships in Italy, who showed them the importance of caring for each element from the length of the dough prove (48 hrs) to the tomato sauce (consistency and the quality of ingredients is key). Pizza looks simple, but to create perfection it takes a lot of thought, skill and effort.

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