You might recognise Felicity Westmacott (right) from one of our very first articles in R&R TODAY when we featured her wedding dress making business back in 2016.

Now, she and friend Sarah Fenn are bringing their sewing prowess to the public with the Reigate School of Sewing where you can learn how to make, adjust and repair your own clothes for a unique personal style.

As Felicity puts it: “There’s a resurgence in sewing and a new interest from people in making their own clothes. And at my other job everyone says how hard it is finding someone who can sew, so it’s a nice skill to have, like being able to cook.”

Courses are at evenings and weekends to suit the demands of different lifestyles, and even if you’ve never picked up a needle in your life, there’s a class for you. Lessons cover everything from basic techniques and putting in zips, to alterations and full on garment making.

But is it just for the ladies? According to Felicity, absolutely not: “One girl’s dad came in to sit with her, and then altered his own trousers.”

Stitch that!

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