It only takes a couple of minutes chatting to personal trainer Victoria Stone to understand her success: her enthusiasm, determination, sense of fun and ‘can-do’ spirit are positively infectious.

She loves working with people to achieve better fitness, using every technique she knows that works. And she knows they work because she swapped a career in finance for a fifteen year fitness journey: not only for herself, but to learn how to do that for others.

“The science and techniques are always changing and moving onwards, so it’s important to keep up, evolve and learn.” For Victoria and her clients, that’s where personal training comes in with its knowledge and support in maintaining a fitness programme.

“Of course, in the end, it’s commitment that makes the difference to the results, so I work with people to figure out what they’ll like. If you don’t like it, you won’t do it – some people like sweating, others hate it – and it’s great seeing someone reaching their goals. It’d be nice if there was a magic pill, but doing it yourself and doing the graft makes it more rewarding. It pays off in other areas too, because you know yourself more from that journey.”

Sessions can be at your home, or you can go to Victoria’s gym: a state of the art, bespoke building she commissioned for her garden. “One of the things about Reigate is that you have a lot of space; you’d never get a gym in your garden in London!”

Her next project uses online videos to help more people access personalised workouts, particularly anyone too busy to make it to sessions. You can see ten minute tasters on Instagram.

Having lived in Reigate for twenty five years, Victoria has seen a lot of changes. “It’s definitely busier than it used to be with more good restaurants and shops, but it’s still really friendly with a real community spirit. People are proud of living here: you’ve got everything you need and it’s a brilliant place to live.”

There’s that enthusiasm again!

Victoria Stone
07811 276615

Facebook @vikster8020
Instagram @viksterpt8020

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