The picturesque surroundings of Reigate provide ample reason to move here, but they’re not the only benefit to living in the town according to Jonathan Joly, a hugely successful YouTuber from Ireland with more than 1 million Instagram followers.

Having grown his fanbase by filming his daily life with wife Anna, three children – Emilia, Eduardo and Alessia – and six Maltese dogs, Jonathan and his family moved to London in 2013 for work. He found the city not at all community minded, never really ‘feeling’ it or wanting to move there permanently.

This led to trying out Hertfordshire and then Bury in search of the right locale, but it wasn’t until renting a home in Reigate that he felt a true connection. And with Reigate house prices seeming extremely reasonable compared to London, it was clear he’d found what he’d been looking for.

His biggest joys of living in Reigate are the feeling of community, the pervading family-
friendliness and that the town doesn’t try too hard to be hip or cool. He’s also a fan of the excellent private and public schools, the many local parks – the whole Joly tribe (now one bigger with new arrival Andrea) loves the fresh Surrey air – and “the leafy suburban streets and nice rural feel so close to London”. The choice of shops and eateries also gets a big thumbs-up, particularly the new Wagamama!

Summing up, Jonathan thinks Reigate is a great place for families working in the City with its safe, happy community and plentiful things to do. The family plans to stick around for a while so, who knows, maybe Reigate’s beautiful streets will be the next family member in a future Joly video!

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