Laurence Turner’s journey to setting up yoga studios in Redhill and Reigate was a voyage that took her to Montreal, Australia, the south of France and, erm, Wandsworth.

Yogamoo is the joint venture of Laurence and her husband Phillip, who she met in Australia in 2001 after working at an electronics organisation in Montreal. The following year the pair moved to England and Laurence went to work at a gym in Wandsworth, South West London.

After marrying in the south of France, they moved to Redhill in 2005 and, shortly afterwards, Phillip set up Yogamoo as an online yoga accessories shop. While all this was going on Laurence was busily accruing over 500 hours in hatha yoga training and, in 2009, Yogamoo expanded into a fully-fledged yoga hub with the opening of a studio in Reigate.

Today, Yogamoo runs classes for almost every level of student, from beginner to power, with specialist sessions for runners, expectant mums – following the birth of her daughter Luz, Laurence chose to qualify in Pregnancy Yoga and Children’s Yoga – and even courses in meditation.

Lessons are cosy and small with a maximum of 15 people to a class, allowing lots of time for teacher-student attention. “It’s a very friendly and familiar community feel”, says Laurence, whose stance that yoga is for everyone is borne out by the ages of Yogamoo students, who range from 25 to 65 years old.

75 Bell Street
Reigate RH2 7AN
01737 224158

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